Attractions in Yogyakarta and Central Java

Attractions in Central Java

Malioboro Street Yogyakarta Indonesia 2

Welcome to the land of heritage, arts and culture of Indonesia. Here there are many temples, architecture and art centres that showcase how beautiful Yogyakarta is! There is also the upcoming trend of cafes which sells local brewed coffee along with pastries like cupcakes and freshly baked bread that defy these traditional beliefs of performing arts as the upcoming generation of youth are starting to flourish and prefer to start their own business. It will not be complete if you visit Yogyakarta and not visit at least one of two temples that are listed as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. One would be the stunning Borobudur Temples and the other, the majestic Prambanan Temples.

In fact, there are too many places and attractions to visit in Yogyakarta, you will either need to stay for more than a week or you just have to come back for more! Below is a sample listing for you to consider;